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Mai Murata


Mai Murata began classic ballet at the age of 3 and started playing the piano at the age of 4, later graduated from the TOKYO COLLEGE OF MUSIC with Bachelor of Music in piano course. She has studied the piano under Mika Nakakuki, and Hiroyuki Numata, Izuru Kobayashi, and ensemble under Jun Ueki.   She won multiple awards in a number of competitions held in Japan and performed in the Debut Recital Finals upon her graduation.Her background in ballet led her to have a strong interest in becoming a ballet pianist, so she studied with a ballet company in Tokyo while still in college. Since then, she has been active as a ballet pianist at a company in Japan, affiliated with the Royal Academy of Dance. She has been playing the piano in collaborative projects with companies and also in ensembles since her graduation. She has also dedicated her time to teaching students,serving as a music teacher at junior high schools, high schools, and vocational schools in Tokyo.

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