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My first ballet!
Absolute Beginner Ballet Class with Pianist

Enjoy this ballet class  for absolute beginners at the studio!

This class begins with basic mobility and stretching exercises to prepare you to learn the fundamentals of ballet safely and thoroughly.

What makes ballet class so special?​ - Ballet Lessons & Benefits!

♪ The warm up is about 20 minutes, so you won't get injured.

♪ With live piano music

♪ Description of ballet foot and arms positions

♪ It is a two-handed bar class, the upper body is stable and easy to improve.

♪ You can enjoy the elements of dance that you can enjoy

♪ Carefully instruct each person

♪ Basic bar lessons and enjoyable center work​!


Those learning ballet for the first time, those who want to relearn ballet from the beginning

Gender does not matter. If you are under 16 years old, please participate with the consent of your guardian.



Ballet slippers or cotton athletic socks. Ballet attire or leggings and a fitted t-shirt

・For the safety of our students, a doctor’s note may be required if you have a medical issue that could limit participation in any part of the class


Teacher: Isabella Maria Torres

Pianist: Mai Murata,Zoey Xinyue Zhou


Location: 939 8th Ave, New York,NY 10019

Class Fee: $30 Per Class

Pay at the time of registration
Payment Method - Zelle,Venmo and  Cash

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