Welcome to Petit Allongé Bella!

Petit Allongé Bella offers classes in the convenient the locations of New York.

Ballet dancing involves all kind of basics physical expression.

The movements acquired in ballet has beneficial impact on daily life and the usual behavior of  indiviudals.

Ballet also help children to build up self confidence and discipine in the early age. What they have gained through ballet will surely be useful in the future.  

Ballet is surely a great workout for adults to  build up flexibility and strength for healthy life. 


Founded in 2019, the Petit Allongé Bella.

プティ・アロンジェ・ベラ ニューヨークのホームページにお越し下さいましてありがとうございます。当スタジオは2019年夏よりスタートし、現在はニューヨークを拠点にバレエクラスを展開しております。



2022年より、「Petit Allongé Bella NY」に名前が変わりました!



Petit Allonge Bella


Upper East side 

Between 1st and 2nd Aves, Upper East Side

isabella02292gmail.com | TEL.(929)-655-0726