​Studio Policy

Dress code

・ Students should wear the otter ballet tights for both online and in person lessons. There is no designated leotard, students shall decide

    their favorite leotard. For adult classes, students shall participate in lessons with clothes that fits to the body line.

・ It is important to dress up in ballet, please take a bun or up-style hairstyles.

・ Students shall wear ballet shoes during the classes.

・ It is prohibited to use the restroom while wearing ballet shoes.

・ Students are required to wear mask during the in person lessons.


・ We do not accept cancellation or refund after the payment. Refund will be accepted only for cancellation of lesson caused

    by the school. Unless early notification, we will not be able to cancel or refund after payment in any case.

・ Payment can be made by Venmo and Zelle. * We do not accept payments in the studio.

・ Please pay the monthly fee on the 1st day of every month.

・ We are not able to replace the lesson fee for the next lesson if the lesson is canceled by student.

・ Please note that no refund will be given if you are forced to disconnect due to some kind of communication error during

    the online lesson.

・One person is required to take online lessons on one screen. If you would like to attend the lesson with family members,

    you can attend the lesson by one screen, but the fee will be counted per person.


Online lesson

・ For online lessons, please pay the lesson fee one day before the lesson.

・ Please note that we are not responsible for any communication problems, injuries or accidents during the lesson.

・ Recording during the lesson is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation

・ Participants other than the instructor will be muted except emergency.

・ Please refrain from entering or leaving the room without the permission of the instructor during the lesson as it will interrupt the progress.

・ Eating and drinking during the lesson is not permitted except the instruction from instructors.

In-Person Class

・ When you participate in the face-to-face lesson for the first time, you will be given a document about Covid-19

・ For those over 12 years old, please present your vaccination card when participating.

・ We will give you an attendance card, so please bring it with you when you participate in the lesson.

・ If you wish to skip the class, please contact the instructor by phone or email.

・ There is no parking lot available in the studio. Please use the parking spot nearby.

・ Parents can stay in the waiting room at the entrance of the studio or in the corridor.

・ After the class is finished, please leave immediately so the studio can be handed over to next class.

・ Please take your own garbage such as PET bottles with you.

・Please be careful and do not damage the floor, walls, mirrors, etc. If the studio decides that repair is necessary. Petit Allongé Bella will

   retained a designated contractor. You will be responsible for the repair expenses.

・ Petit Allongé Bella cannot be held responsible for any theft or injury that occurs in the studio.

・ If the studio cannot be used due to force majeure such as natural disasters, wars, terrorism, riots, civil war, plague, and dispute behavior.

    Petit Allongé Bella will not take any responsibility.



・ Closed on public holidays and the 5th week. We will inform you the lesson schedule in advance.

・ If there is an act that violates the rules, interferes with the operation of the classroom or disturbs the morals, the student will be forcibly

   dismissed and will not be allowed to participate in the class in the future.

・ We may post the whole picture of the lesson on SNS or homepage. We will pay close attention so that student's face does not appear clearly,


If you have any questions, please contact us.

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Our priority is the health and safety of our community.Petit Allongé Bella follows the guidance provided by the New York State Department of Health, New York City Department of Health, CDC, and the New York City Department of Education. In compliance with our city governing agencies, we require all members, staff, instructors and class participants to wear masks while in shared places inside of our buildings. Shared spaces include our lobbies, hallways, restrooms, and main offices, as well as spaces that host our youth and older adult programs. All instructors and staff are fully vaccinated. Some class sizes may be limited to allow sufficient social distancing measures. 


・キッズ・ジュニアのレッスン生はオンラインレッスン・インパーソンレッスン共にレ オタード・バレエタイツを着用してください。

   指定のレオタードはございませんので、 お好きなレオタードをお召しください。大人の方は身体のラインが分かり易い服装で レッスンにご参加ください。

・バレエは身だしなみが大切ですので、シニヨンやアップスタイルでご受講ください。 髪の毛が短い方はお顔にかからないよう工夫してください。




・お振込後のキャンセル・返金は受け付けておりません。主催者側の都合により起きた レッスンのキャンセルのみ返金の受付行いますが、

   通達がないかぎり、いかなる場合も お振込後のキャンセル・返金は致しかねます。



・レッスンをキャンセルされた後の次回へのレッスンフィーの代替えは、トラブルの原因と もなりますのでお断りとさせて頂きます。




・オンラインレッスンは、レッスン開始前日までにレッスンフィーを お納めいただきますようお願い申し上げます。







・対面レッスンに初めてご参加頂く際に、Covid-19に関する書面をお渡ししてお ります。




・スタジオにはご利用いただける駐車場はありません。⻑時間の駐車の場合はお近くの パーキングエリアをご利用ください。


・クラス終了後は次の方に気持ちよくスタジオをお渡しできるよう速やかにご退出 ください。


・床面、壁、鏡等を傷つけないようにしてください。スタジオにて修理が必要と判断した場合、Petit Allongé Bella指定の業者に修理依頼後、

 その修理代を負担して いただきます。
・スタジオ内で発生した盗難や怪我についてはPetit Allongé Bellaでは一切の責任を負いかねます。


 Petit Allongé Bellaでは一切の 責任を負いかねます。




・規約に反する行為、教室運営を妨げる行為、風紀を乱す行為等があった場合は強制 除名処分とし、今後クラスへのご参加を固くお断りいたします。

・レッスン中の全体写真などをSNSやホームページにアップさせて頂くことがあります。 お顔がはっきり出ないよう細心の注意を払っていきますが、



Petit Allongé Bellaは、ニューヨーク州保健局、ニューヨーク市保健局、CDC、およびニューヨーク市教育局によって提供されたガイダンスに従い


には、Covid-19 Vaccination record cardの提示と体温チェックをします。また、すべてのインストラクターとスタッフは完全にワクチン接種し、