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Papillon Class/Age 3-6

Ballet is a form of art that integrates music, dance, physical expression, literature, etc. Rich sensitivity and expressiveness can be nurtured through practicing ballet with music.
Why not experience the enjoyment and dynamism yourself!

The lessons will be conducted in simple Japanese and English to suit the students.While practicing movements to ballet music applying rythmique, they can develop a good sense of rhythm and balance with fun.

It will be their life-long advantage if they acquire beautiful posture and manners from childhood.



Friday Afternoon Class:4-5PM(EST)

​Saturday Morning Class:10-11AM(EST)

​60 minites/ On ZOOM

​Lesson Fee

​$15 (One Class) / $60 (4 Classe)


Next Classes:June 17,24 July 8,15

​60 minites/ On Studio

Lesson Fee: ​$25 (One Class) 



Please contact us for consultation

60 minites

Lesson fee: Negotiable 



・Recording during the lesson is strictly prohibited.

・Participants other than the instructor must mute except in an emergency.

・Please refrain from entering or leaving the room without the permission of instructor during the lesson, in order to avoid interruption of progress.

・No eating and drinking during the classes except special instructions from the instructor.

・One registration for one participant only. 

・Please note that we are not liable for any communication failures, injuries or accidents during the lessons.