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Intro to Ballet 
with Isabella

Petit Allongé Bella NYティーンから成人の入門バレエクラス


Time to Dance!

Petit Allongé Bella NYの入門レッスンは、初心者の方が安心して一歩を踏み出せるクラスとして、今まで好評をいただいてまいりました。また当クラスは、ピアノ伴奏付きでのレッスンを体験することもでき、本物のクラシックバレエレッスンを感じることができます。

ぜひ、レッスンを通して、貴方の日常の質を高めてみませんか? まずは、バレエの基本的な立ち方からしっかりとお伝えいたします。






​Isabella Maria Torres




Petit Allonge Bella NY 特別クラス

Ballet class Friday night
with special guest Benjamin Briones!

2023年 5月26日 (金)レベル: 入門-初級

午後6時30分 - 午後7時45分, $30.00

スタジオ: Ripley Grier Studios

939 8th Ave,New York,NY 10019 

ニューヨークのBROADWAY DANCE CENTERやAlvin Ailey Studiosでクラシックバレエを指導されているベンジャミン・ブリオネス先生の特別クラスを開催いたします!当スクール生はもちろん、外部の方もオープンクラスですので受講可能です。ぜひご参加ください。

Benjamin Briones

Born in Mexico City, Benjamin Briones, Director and Founder of Benjamin Briones Ballet and Resident Choreographer, graduated from The National School of Classical Ballet, The National School of Contemporary Dance and The Royal Academy of Dancing. His eclectic educational background includes training in Cuban and Royal Ballet styles, as well as the study of Graham, Cunningham, Limon and Francis modern dance. He is a former Soloist at Ballet El Paso, Ballet Austin, Connecticut Ballet, Ohio Ballet and Ballet Theater of Annapolis. Briones’ many works include Si Senior, Amour Nuovo, In Between, Ripples, Lights On, I Will Always Love You and Seven.


After retiring as a dancer in 2006, Briones was appointed as Ballet Master at The Staten Island Ballet from 2006-2009, where he also began his choreographic career serving as Resident Choreographer. He was also appointed as a Resident Choreographer at Ajkun Ballet Theatre (New York), which culminated in the founding of the company in 2012.


Briones is dedicated to teaching dance as the highest art form, he does so extensively throughout New York City, including prestigious dance schools such as: Alvin Ailey, Steps on Broadway, Peridance, The Joffrey Ballet School, Mark Morris Dance Group and Ballet Arts Center for Dance. Briones regularly teaches internationally at Centro de Arte y Ballet and UAEM University in Mexico City. Immersed in the art of dance, Briones’ passion is dedicated to giving back to the community, especially to those who seek a way into the dance world looking for an artistic escape.


スタジオ: 939 8th Ave, New York,NY 10019

講師:Isabella Maria Torres,Mai Murata,Zoey Xinyue Zhou


Petit Allongé Bella NY 
Call: (929)-655-0725 

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