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Ballet is a form of art that integrates music, dance, physical expression, literature, etc. Rich sensitivity and expressiveness can be nurtured through practicing ballet with music.
Why not experience the enjoyment and dynamism yourself!

The lessons will be conducted in simple Japanese and English to suit the students.While practicing movements to ballet music applying rythmique, they can develop a good sense of rhythm and balance with fun.It will be their life-long advantage if they acquire beautiful posture and manners from childhood.


​New Online Kids Ballet Classes

Due to the CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19), we are opening up a online Ballet lesson.All the levels from beginners to  kids who have experience are welcome and can enjoy this class! 

The lesson will be carried out by well experienced teacher who have taught the children's class in NY and Tokyo!

​Isabella Maria Torres

Isabella started practicing ballet at the age of 3 and has studied under Seiichi Shinohara, Yurie Shimomura and Shiro Mizoshita as well as lessons at Alonzo King LINE Ballet in San Francisco.In New York,she studied under Richard Pierlon of STEPS on Broadway.

While pursuing a career as a professional dancer at theaters and for music programs, she has been expanding her activities as an instructor. In Tokyo, she teaches children's ballet classes and ballet exercise classes for adults. In June 2019, she organized her own ballet workshops for children at Gibney Dance Choreographic Center and Ripley Grier Studio in Manhattan, NY.She has recently been invited to teach at Asahi Seimei Gymnastics Club in Tokyo, where she is involved in choreography of floor excercises and trains young female gymnasts who are aiming to be future Olympians.


Lesson Schedule

May 9th /10am EST(60min)

May 10th /10am EST(60min)

$10 for one class, $15 if you take 2 classes. 

How to apply

Please send us an E-mail with following information

・Your Full name and your child’s name

・Your contact E-mail Address

・Your phone number

Payment method:

PayPal ID:

After we receive your payment, we will send you the Class ID by E-mail.


You can download the ZOOM application from the following link:


Please note that there will be no refund in case of cancellation.

There will be a refund only when a lesson is cancelled by the instructor due to unforeseen circumstances. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Hope to see you all online. Let’s make the class enjoyable together! ​