Victoria Ann Torres

Started classical ballet at the Kuribayashi Kimiko Ballet Institute at age of 7.

Started jazz dance under Hiroshi Ieki, Mitsuru Saijo and Toru Miura at age of 16.

Lived in NY from 1988 to 1991. Studied under Alvin Ailey, David Howard, Martha Graham, Luigi and Richard Pieron at studios such as David Howard Studios, Steps 74 and BDC.

Appeared in "Japan Record Awards", "NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen", "TBS The Best Ten", "Kenji Sawada Concert (60 Years of Humans, Julie Festival / Tokyo Dome)".

Established "ECARTE DEVANT INTERNATIONALE" in March 2012.

Established "On Point Entertainment Inc." and became the representative in July 2018.





・「日本レコード大賞」「NHK紅白歌合戦」「TBSザ・ベストテン」「沢田研二 コンサート(人間60年・ジュリー祭り/東京ドーム)」などに出演



2018年7月、「On Point Entertainment Inc.」設立、代表就任


Isabella Maria Torres

Isabella started practicing ballet at the age of 3 and has studied under Seiichi Shinohara, Yurie Shimomura and Shiro Mizoshita as well as lessons at Alonzo King LINE Ballet in San Francisco.

In New York,she studied under Richard Pierlon of STEPS on Broadway.While pursuing a career as a professional dancer at theaters and for music programs, she has been expanding her activities as an instructor.In Tokyo, she teaches children's ballet classes and ballet exercise classes for adults. In June 2019, she organized her own ballet workshops for children at Gibney Dance Choreographic Center and Ripley Grier Studio in Manhattan, NY.She has recently been invited to teach at Asahi Seimei Gymnastics Club in Tokyo, where she is involved in choreography of floor excercises and trains young female gymnasts who are aiming to be future Olympians.


ニューヨークSTEPS on Broadway,サンフランシスコ Alonzo King LINE Balletに留学。


ニューヨーク・マンハッタンのGibney Dance Choreographic CenterとRipley Grier Studioにて自身企画の幼児向けバレエワークショップを2019年に開催。またラスベガスZemskov Dance Academyにてジュニアの個人レッスン指導とキッズのバレエクラスを行う。オリンピックを目指す選手の指導者として招かれ、朝日生命体操クラブにて女子の体操選手ゆかの振り付けとダンス指導を行っている。 旅行会社H.I.S USAにてオンラインセミナーを開催。現地ニューヨークからのエクササイズクラスを発信している。